In today's society, there are countless individuals and SMEs who have fallen victim to the inequities of the bureaucratic and banking system. Common to all who have been victimised are the feelings of powerlessness, abandonment and a sense of isolation. While many share their experiences with friends and family, there is a lingering passiveness that occurs from feeling helpless to stand up against the collective. Many of those who have been taken advantage of often lack the appropriate knowledge, support and resources to have prevented the situation from occurring or to take the required action to address the issue.

The vision for Bank Victims is one based on providing a collective voice, peer and network support and a central repository of knowledge for individuals, groups and businesses in the community. In doing so, The Bank Victims Platform will position itself as a socially responsible conduit to start to redress the balance of power that is the root of many of the injustices occurring.

"The overwhelming Factual Evidence is now at hand"
(Open Letter to Government)

The banks have been publishing loan contracts without full disclosure since 2004.

This allowed the banks to act dishonestly in relation to the investigations of customer complaints.

The banks have discarded customers rights and the Regulators have known this and failed to act to protect the public.

We are getting closer every day to a Class Action.

The dedicated team at Bank Victims needs your Donation and support to keep the fight up to the Banks.


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